Have you ever wondered why lord ganesha is worshipped first before starting any new work ? why has he got a face of elephant over a human body  ?

Lord ganesha often called as vighanharta is the son of lord shiva and goddess parvati . Lord ganesha used to eat a lot of modak .  He is known for his infinite wisdom and calmness.

STORY OF BIRTH OF GANESHA – Once when goddess parvati went for bath ,with turmeric paste over her body she created a sculpture of  a boy  and then she breathed life over that sculpture and accepted it as her son and asked him to not allow anyone to come over untill her bath . As said  by her mother he was guarding and assuring that no one should enter there .  After a while lord shiva arrived  he told ganesha that he wanted to go in and meet parvati. But ganesha refused to do so . After that the argument got heated up and in anger lord shiva cutted the head of lord ganesha . When parvati reached there she started weeping after seeing that condition of her son . She told lord shiva that he was their son and she asked him to guard the main gates . Lord shiva regretted and decided to revive their son . after that all the gods and goddess gathered and came with a solution that whoever child will be sleeping with her mother with opposite faces that child head will get joined over ganesha face . After a while nandi brought up a head of elephant  , with no other option left shiva joined the elephant head over the human body. And named him as GANESHA . Every god gave a specific boon to lord ganesha . One god gave him the boon that he will always be worshipped  first before any other god . ‘That is the reason he is worshipped first before starting any new work . The tradition of worshipping lord ganesha before any rituals even continues today . 

Ganesha is one of the most important god in hindu mythology . He is highly recognised by his appearance that includes a elephant head  over a human body . Lord ganesha brother was karthikeya often called as  subrahmanya .

Once lord shiva and parvati told  both of their sons to complete three rounds of the world whoever will complete it first will be declared as winner . Without wasting a second karthikeya took his peacock and went to complete the challenge but ganesha started taking round around his  parents. Everyone got curious and wondered why he did so . After completing three rounds of his parents he stopped . lord shiva and parvati asked him why he did so? He answered that his parents are his world that is why he decided to take round of them . Everyone got impressed by the knowledge and wisdom of the lord ganesha .

There were many incidents which proved he is the lord of intelligence and wisdom .

ONCE he was writing mahabharata , his pen was broking again and again . Without thinking twice he broke one of his tusk to complete his work . This showed how dedicated he was for his work . After this incident he was named as “EKDANTH “.

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