Qualities required to become an AIR HOSTESS

There are  certain requirements to become an air hostess . This profession has a number of benefits . The salary package is very appreciable plus u get to travel a lot. Some qualities required for this profession are :

  1. GRADUATION –  International airlines ask for graduation whereas national airlines require 10+2 .
  2. COMMUNICATION  SKILLS –  You should be fluent in  two languages i.e. hindi and english .  If you know any other language then that’s a plus point for you . Communicating with your passengers is most essential thing . You should talk with confident with your passengers plus you should have a pleasant smile while talking .
  3. HEIGHT – Height is a must in this profession . Neither too short height is preferred nor too tall height is preferred . The minimum height required is 157.5 centimeters ( 5 feet 2 inch ) .
  4. EYESIGHT – Your eyesight should be healthy i.e. your vision of each eye should be 6/24 .
  5. CLEAR COMPLEXION – You should have a clear complexion , that does not mean you should have a fairer skin . A clear complexion refers to a clear face with no spots , acne , acne marks.
  6. HEALTHY WEIGHT –  Your BMI should be healthy . Your weight should be proportionate to your height .
  7. NO TATTOO – Although tattoos are  not allowed in airlines . But if you have one , that should not be visible in airlines dress code .
  8. AGE –  The fresh age to start this is 18  years and the limitation is to 26 years . If your are 17 and more than half than also you can apply for airlines and in case if you are 26 and 2 -3 months then there are possibilities for you to join airlines.
  9. PATIENCE TO WORK FOR LONG HOURS –   In case if flight gets delayed u should have patience to work for long hours . You should have calmness , humbleness and most importantly patience .
  10. PRESENCE OF MIND – In case if the plane looses its control or gets hijacked then u will have to use your mind to get rid off from the situation and remember its ur responsibility to calm your panic passengers.
  11. PLEASING PERSONALITY – Having a pleasing nature in airlines is a must . No matter how is the appearance of  a passenger , no matter if they are rude or sweet , you have to greet them and should talk politely .
  12.   SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY – A person working in airline should be responsible , they should know how to take responsibilities in absence of another member.
  13. CONFIDENCE – A confident talk with your passengers is appreciable . You should be confident while talking to passengers . Your confidence level reveals a lot about your personality .

So these were some qualities and qualifications one should have to work in airlines .

To crack an interview you don’t have to neccessarily join an institute, if you inhibit these qualities then you can crack the interview easily . Personality and confidence are the most important qualities one should inhibit to crack the interview .

Air hostess mainly looks after the comfort and safety of the passengers . Although it seems an easy job but its not . Also this profession gives a good salary package and u get to travel a lot for free. This is an aspiring profession for most of us.

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