Strong and healthy hairs make you feel confident about yourself . In today’s busy world everyone forgets to take care of their hairs . Pollution is a main cause of hairfall , split ends and other hair problems . Taking too much stress , depression , lack of proper diet also results in hairfall. Nourish your hairs on regular basis with coconut , almond or with  your favorite nourishing oil .


  1.  ALOVERA MASK – Take 2-3 spoon of alovera gel . Gently mix potion of 2 capsules of vitamin E . Now apply the mask gently on your scalp and all over your length. Let the mask on your hairs  for over 30 minutes . Wash it gently with luke warm water . Alovera soothes the scalp and prevents hairfall and breakage and makes your hair silky , vitamin E ensures hair growth.

2. ONION HAIR MASK – Take 2-3 onions of medium size  , grate the onions and remove the onion juice in a bowl, add two spoon of alovera gel . Mix it gently .Pour it on spray bottle  . Sprinkle the mixture all over the scalp and leave it for 2 hours . Onion helps in hair growth . Alovera gel soothes the scalp and makes hair silkier . Use twice in a month for best result .

3. EGG MASK – As eggs are rich in protein . As our body needs protein same goes for hair . Take 2 eggs , take white part into a bowl , put 2 capsules of vitamin E in the bowl . Mix them gently until they form froath . Apply on the scalp and also all over the length . Leave it for 4 – 5 hours . Wash it with your favourite  shampoo . Use twice in a week for best results.

4. COCONUT OIL –  Nourishing your hair on a daily basis is a must . Choosing a good hair oil gives a plus point in your hairs . Coconut is a fair oil to nourish your hair on a daily basis . Take some oil according to your hair length .  Make the oil luke warm before applying . It will be better if u do it in an oven . Apply all over the scalp and length of your hair . Massage your scalp for 15 minutes . Leave it overnight . Wash with cold water on morning . If possible do this procedure regularly . Otherwise use this thrice in a week .

5.  MUSTARD AND ONION SEED MASK – Mustard oil is an old and best remedy for hair growth . Onion also promotes hair growth . Pour 4-5  spoon mustard oil in a pan , put 2 spoon onion seeds in oil . Boil it for 15 minutes .  Now separate the pure liquid . Pour  it in spray bottle . Use this twice in a week for best result .

In today’s busy and stressful life we often forget to take care of our health . As a result of which we face many problems such as hair fall , hair breakage , split ends and so on . Pollution often affects our skin and hair . So atleast once  in a week you should pay attention to your hair . Use these easy remedies to make your hair healthier , shiner and  stronger .

All these remedies are natural and vitamin E is a key ingredient in many remedies . Vitamin E is not only good for your hair  and also for your skin.

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