Teenage is the most crucial age for teens . During this age we go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes and many more . Since the period cover the teens ( 13 to 19 years of age ) , adolescents are often called as teenagers .  Girls go through a lot of changes during teenage . Physically , mentally and emotionally they grew a lot . So here is a list of changes girls go through during teenage .

  1. INCREASE IN HEIGHT –  Girls go through a sudden increase in height during this period . During this time the bones elongate such as bones of arms and leg . This leads to a sudden increase in height . It is often noticed that girls as compared to boys grew a little faster .
  2. VOICE CHANGE – During this phase , girls voice get more softer and pleasant. But at the end of this phase the voice gets back to normal . In some cases , girls voice gets bold and loudy .
  3. PHYSICAL CHANGES – During this phase , girls go through a lot of physical changes . Their appearance changes , butt and breast grew faster . Hip and chest grew wider . Hairs in pubic area and under arms begin to appear . Girls also get thick thighs as compared to boys ,  during this age .
  4. ATTRACTION TOWARDS OPPOSITE SEX –  Girls get attracted towards male at this phase of life .
  5. CRAVE FOR ATTENTION – You may have noticed teen girls do a lot of things for getting attention . They begin to change their dressing sense , their hairstyles , starts pampering herself a lot more .
  6. CHANGE IN PERSONALITY  – Teens during this period of time changes a lot . sometimes those who were introvert at childhood becomes bold and starts interacting with everyone . Where as those who used to be extroverts becomes shy .
  7. MENSURATION – Mensuration is a natural cycle , where vaginal bleeding happens at a regular  interval of time . Mensuration is a sign of no pregnancy . Teen girls starts having mensuration at this age . Some teen girls feel shy talking about this natural cycle , but their is nothing to be ashamed off,it is a natural thing that every girl goes through .
  8. MOOD SWINGS – Girls get a little bit moody , they get easily angry and pissed off . During periods girls are more likely to get mood swings . This is quite normal but still you should try to  stay calm .
  9. EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN –  sometimes you will feel no one loves you , your friends hate you , you will fight a lot with your family , you will feel lonely but that’s normal . You will just feel all these things but in reality everyone loves you  : )
  10. JEALOUSY – Some girls usually have jealousy when other girl looks better than her or is good in study than her. They just want to be the best amongst all other girls .

Dear girls , teenage is a very crucial age for you .  Be wise, stay safe take care of yourself well . You might feel that you are in love someone during 12-17 years of age , but this might be just an attraction . Know the difference between love and attraction . And menstruation is just a natural thing , do not feel shy to ask anything about mensuration . Stay hygenic and change pad after every 5 hours otherwise you might get fungal infection .

If you have any questions about teenage and mensuration kindly ask in the comment section and also share your views .


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